Composting cow manure quickly and effectively requires creating the right conditions for microbes to break down the organic matter into nutrient-rich compost. Below are steps to help you turn cow manure into compost more rapidly:

Gather materials for cow dung composting

  • Fresh cow manure – More NPK nutrients retained

  • Carbon-rich materials: Such as straw, sawdust, dry leaves. Enrich nutrient
  • Water source: Timely moisture control of cow manure compost making

Materials for your organic fertilizer production

Balance carbon to nitrogen ratio of cow manure fermentation

The ideal carbon to nitrogen ratio (C:N) to compost cow manure quickly is about 25-30:1. Cow manure is rich in nitrogen, and for efficient compost making from cow dung, you need to balance it with carbon-rich materials. Because the carbon is necessary for microorganism reproduction to decompose cattle waste. For this, you can choose to add straw, sawdust, or dry leaves to the manure to achieve this balance.

Moisture Control during cow manure composting

The composting microorganisms need moisture to thrive to decompose organic matter from cow manure into smaller molecules. But too much water can create anaerobic conditions and slow down the process. The pile should be as moist as a wrung-out sponge. Precisely, when it is 40%-60%, you can compost cow manure fast.

F or one thing, remove excessive water is indispensable for making compost from fresh cow dung. There are professional manure dewatering machine for industrial cow manure composting.

F or another Add water as necessary during dry periods or when adding a lot of dry carbon material. Here, we can offer you cow dung composter with water tank.

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Adjusting the Size of Cattle Manure Particles

Breaking down the manure into smaller pieces can accelerate the composting process of cow farm waste as it increases the surface area for microbes to work on. How to make manure waste break down into smaller particles effectively? Generally, vertical crusher and semi-wet crusher are best choice for high moisture materials grinding.

Manage temperature in cattle waste compost production

The microorganisms responsible for composting generate heat, which in turn speeds up the process. A compost pile can reach temperatures of 140-160°F (60-70°C). Monitor the temperature, and when it starts to drop after a peak, it’s time to turn the pile. For this, industrial compost turner is recommended. Regularly turn the pile to introduce oxygen, which is vital for speed the aerobic decomposition of cow manure to generate enough heat. Turn the pile every few days to once a week, depending on how quickly you want to produce compost.

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Buy a in-vessel composter for your cow dung compost making project

The structure of in-vessel fermentation tank

Enclosed systems can control environmental conditions of fertilizer fermentation better. Especially, the composting temperature. Insulation layer can prevent cold air from entering and heat dissipation. Therefore, you can compost cow manure quickly.

By following these tips, you can decompose cow manure faster. Even only needs 10 days. In addition, it is also can reduce the time it takes to convert cow dung into a valuable organic fertilizer.

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