Because of high viscosity and strong water absorption, bentonite is widely used in various aspects. Including organic fertilizer making, NPK fertilizer production, cat litter manufacturing, etc. But how to process bentonite to make it into finer power and granules, which are suitable for using in these processes? SX can provide you with the best solutions and machines for bentonite processing plant setup.

What is the use of bentonite?

Improving feed quality

Using bentonite as additive to produce mixed feed can greatly improve the quality of final products. For one thing, bentonite has unique physical properties, which can promote the metabolism of animals and improve the conversion rate of feed. Therefore, animals have a strong appetite, rich fur and fast weight gain. And it is also beneficial for reducing feed costs. For another, due to excellent adsorption, it can effectively absorb coliform bacteria and enterotoxins of animals. So it plays a role in the prevention and control of epidemics, insecticide and sterilization.

Making better fertilizer granules

In addition, if you plan to make organic or compound fertilizer pellets, adding bentonite also can help you a lot. First, because of high viscosity, it can help powder materials form into fertilizer granules faster and the granulation rate is higher. And the produced fertilizer granules have more uniform size, more beautiful appearance and higher hardness. In addition, adding bentonite in cow manure fertilizer granule processing can reduce the moisture content. So the final fertilizer is easier to transport and store.

Using as cat litter

Then, you can use bentonite as the main material to make cat litter. On the one hand, it can fully absorb the cat urine and water contained by manure. So you can Can easily clean up cat excrement. On the other hand, bentonite has a certain degree of adsorption. Therefore, it is helpful for reducing the odor in the air and providing you with a clean living environment.

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What is the process of producing bentonite powder in bentonite processing plant?

When you want to process bentonite for feed and fertilizer making, it is advisable to turn it into fine powder. Then how to turn bentonite rocks into powder? Generally, it needs the following 5 steps:

Breaking bentonite rocks into small particles

Bentonite powder making is not accomplished overnight, especially when you use bentonite rocks as material. At that time, the first step is breaking bentonite ore into small particles, about 2 mm. Here, we recommend you choose jaw crusher. This machine is designed for grinding various ores and rocks. And it can shred rocks with a compressive strength of 147~245 MPa.

Drying bentonite material

Then, in order to make your final bentonite powder product more convenient to store, you need to dry material after crushing. And the best moisture content of dried bentonite material after drying is 6%-12%. Here, rotary drying machine is an ideal choice. It adopts hot air drying method, which can reduce the moisture content of bentonite materials quickly while preventing high temperature will break the origin structure.

Further crushing small bentonite particles into fine powder

For more convenient for use, after crushing bentonite into small particles, you need to further process it into finer powder. Here, it is advisable to use Raymond mill. This machine can turn 2 mm bentonite materials into 200 meshes of bentonite powder. This kind of small size bentonite is easily mixed with other materials and wields correspondent function.

Sieving bentonite powder

Next, in order to prepare quality bentonite powder, you need to sieve the crushed materials. Under the help of rotary screener machine, you can separate fine bentonite from large particle size powder and waste. In this way, the purity of bentonite powder will be higher and the quality will greatly improve.


Finally, packaging finished bentonite powder into bags with a volume you need. We can offer various automatic packaging machines for your choice. Single bucket automatic bagging machine for small scale bentonite processing plant setup, double bucket packaging equipment for more effective bentonite powder making, etc.

Which machine is suitable for your bentonite granules processing plant?

Besides making bentonite powder, you also can choose to further process powder into granules. This process is based on the production of bentonite powder. After twice crushing with jaw grinder and Raymond mill, you may need the following machines to further process bentonite powder:

Bentonite granulator

Granulation machine is the key to turn bentonite powder into pellets. So it is important to buy a suitable granulator for your bentonite processing plant. In SX, we can provide you with disc granulator, rotary drum pelletizer and double roller extrusion granulator. If you want to produce rounded bentonite granules in a small scale, we recommend you purchase disc pelletizer. It can make 1-6 tons of 1-8 mm pellets per hour. However, for more economical small scale production, double roller granulation equipment is a better option for you. And when you plan to setup a large bentonite processing plant, rotary drum pelletizer is the best choice. Its largest output can reach 30 t/h.

Drying machine and cooling equipment

In order to make prepared bentonite granules easier to transport, store and use. You also need a drying machine to remove excessive moisture. Especially when you use disc granulation machine and drum pelletizer, which adopts wet granulation method. After drying, the moisture content of bentonite pellet is below 10% and the temperature is 30-40℃. Because of the high temperature, you cannot pack granules directly. At that time, cooling machine can help you cool it down in a short time.

How to make cat litter out of bentonite?

As mentioned above, bentonite is an ideal material for cat litter production. In fact, the process of cat litter is to turn bentonite granules. So the steps of cat litter making is

  • Using jaw crusher and Raymond machine to process aged bentonite into 200 mesh powder.

  • Dry bentonite raw materials to a moisture content of about 14% to 15% and crush them again.

  • Add high-quality sodium carbonate according to 2.5% of the bentonite dry base. Mix them evenly and age at room temperature above 15 degrees for 5-7 days.

  • Add bentonite powder to the granulator. Process it into bentonite particles with a uniform particle size of 0.8-3.8 mm. In this process, you need to add a an appropriate amount of potassium permanganate solution and water glass aqueous solution according to requirements.

  • Dry the cat litter particles so that the moisture content is between 6% and 8%. Then cool down cat litter for easier packaging and storage.

  • Sieve and pack the produced bentonite cat litter.

Where to buy quality bentonite making machine?

SX is the leading fertilizer equipment manufacturer in China. It has nearly 20 years of experience in the production of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer equipment. So it can provide you with high quality equipment for your bentonite making plant at an economical price. In addition, we can offer you the best service. Including free project design, featured customization and considerate after-sales service.

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