How to Make Goat Manure Compost?

Specific Process for Goat Manure Composting

Start by collecting the goat manure from your goats’ living area. You can collect it using a shovel, pitchfork, or other tool, and place it into a compost trench or pile.

To balance the high nitrogen content in goat manure, add carbon-rich materials such as dry leaves, straw, or shredded paper to the compost pile. Mix the manure and carbon-rich materials together to create a 2:1 ratio of carbon to nitrogen.

Keep the compost pile moist, but not too wet. The ideal moisture content should be around 50-60%. Add water if the pile becomes too dry, and turn it over to aerate it if it becomes too wet.

Turning the compost pile regularly will help aerate it and speed up the decomposition process. Use a compost turner to mix the compost pile every week or two.

The natural composting process typically takes 6-12 months, depending on the size of the pile and the environmental conditions. You’ll know the compost is ready when it’s dark brown and crumbly, with no visible chunks of manure.

Efficient and Productive Equipment for Goat Manure Fermentation

Groove Type Compost Turner & Moving Type Compost Turner for Sheep Farms with Less Than 500 Sheep


Crawler type compost turner & Wheel type compost turner for Sheep Farms with More Than 500 Sheep

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