What is the Manufacturing Process of SSP Fertilizer?

For single super phosphate fertilizer manufacturing plant setup, it is essential to buy suitable SSP fertilizer equipment. Here, you need to clear the process of producing phosphate fertilizer. In general, it needs

Phosphate powder preparation

If your materials for SSP fertilizer making is phosphate powder, you can start SSP fertilizer making immediately. But for those who use phosphate rocks as material, The first step is to grinding the rock phosphate to a fine powder. In this process, you can use Jaw crusher to break down large rocks into small particles. Next, Raymond grinder is an ideal equipment to grind it into finer powder.


Next, when the acid contact with the phosphate rock powder, there is phosphoric acid generated. It will react with the remaining rock phosphate to produce single super phosphate fertilizer you need. In this process, mixing machine is necessary. It can blend liquid sulfuric acid with phosphate rock powder evenly to facilitate the reaction. This is greatly beneficial for make SSP fertilizer quickly.

Phosphate fertilizer granule making

For easier transport, storage and use, most SSP fertilizer manufacturers will choose to further turn single super phosphate mixture into pellets. In this way, there is less moisture absorption and a long storage time. Moreover, making SSP fertilizer into granules is a effective method to prevent nutrient layering and prolong fertilizer effect.


Is it end? Of course not. In order to prepare higher quality granular phosphate fertilizer and make more profits, we recommend you to dry pellets after SSP granulation. Lower than 10% moisture content is key to improving final products from you single super phosphate fertilizer manufacturing plant.  Here, SX can offer you professional fertilizer dryer.


The final step involves packaging the granulated SSP fertilizer in bags or other containers. The bags are labeled with the necessary information like the nutrient content, batch number, and expiry date. Compared manual packaging, SX automatic bagging machine can help you finish SSP fertilizer packaging in a shorter time. In addition, the machine can pack your fertilizer into 10 kg/bag, 25kg/bag, 50 kg/bag, etc freely. And the quantitative weighing error is within 2‰.

How to choose suitable granule making equipment for your single super phosphate fertilizer manufacturing plant?

In order to make more profits from SSP fertilizer making, most fertilizer suppliers will choose to prepare super phosphate fertilizer into pellets. For this, SX designs various chemical powder granulation machines for your choice. You can buy the best one according to your actual conditions.

Which machine is suitable for 200t/d single super phosphate granule production line

For 200 t/d SSP granule making, if the machine works 10 hours one day, Its output at least is 20t/h. Even making it runs 20 hours a day, you need to buy a 10 t/h chemical granulator. So for this large scale industrial phosphate fertilizer pellet making, our rotary drum granulator is your best choice. The output can reach 30t/h, that’s say, it can granulator 300-400t/d to the maximum. In addition, we especially equip it with rubber lining, which has a high corrosion resistance. Therefore, it can produce 3-6 mm SSP fertilizer granules for a long time.

Is there granulation machine that can make 1 mm phosphate fertilizer pellet?

For this, we recommend you buy our pan pelletizer. It can fully meet your requirements for 1-8 mm SSP granules making. Moreover, it is also the top choice for the owner of the small and middle scale phosphate fertilizer plant. It contains different models with an output of 0.5-6 t/h. And its granulating rate is over 93%. This means the machine can turn more single super phosphate fertilizer powder into granules at once. Then, with screener separation and re-granulation, its materials utilization rate can reach 100%.

How Do You Control the Disc Granules Size?

Can we turn Phosphate Powder to Granular Phosphate fertilizer at a lower cost?

Of course. Using double roller extrusion granulator in your single super phosphate fertilizer manufacturing plant. Compared with disc granulator and drum granulator, the double roller granulator can help you reduce the cost of fertilizer dryer and cooler. Because it adopts dry granulation method, which presses single phosphoric powder into spherical particles by mechanical force between two rollers. There is no need adding water in the process. The final granule size from double roller granulator is 3-10 mm. Second, after granulating, there is no need to dry and cool the particles. You can pack them directly.

What is the material of the SSP fertilizer making machines?

In general, these fertilizer machines are made of carbon steel. But if you need higher corrosion resistance machines for single super phosphate fertilizer manufacturing, we can add stainless steel to manufacture SSP fertilizer equipment for you. In addition, as a professional fertilizer equipment company, we also can fully meet your other requirements of customized machine buying and even customized chemical fertilizer making project plan design. Welcome to contact us at any time.

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