In Panama, cow meat plays an important role in export trading. Then in order to keep cows healthy, a suitable cow manure management system is essential. For this, turning cattle waste into compost is an ideal choice. It can make cow manure harmless quickly. What’s more, compost cow manure is a simple process when under the help of professional cow dung compost equipment. On 18th August 2023, a customer from Panama inquired about suitable equipment for his cattle litter compost making. Then, the following are the specific details of communication in this case:

Which compost turner is suitable for compost cow manure?

To compost cow manure successfully, a suitable cow manure compost turner is necessary. According to actual conditions of the client : There were 10 tons of cattle manure generated in the farms a day. And the Panama customer wanted to compost dairy manure all the year. So we recommended him an in-vessel composter with a capacity of 102 m³.

For one thing, it can dispose of 8-12 m³ of cow manure per day which has a moisture content of 50%-70%. This can fully meet the customer’s cow manure treatment volume requirements. For another, in-vessel fermentation tank starts cattle waste composting in a closed environment. So it can reduce the influences of the outside world. So even it is in rainy season, you also can compost cow dung smoothly.

“Learn more about cow dung in-vessel compost machine !”

Why we need a solid and liquid separator for the cow manure management system?

The reason why the customer from Panama emailed our company is that he found our page of cow dung compost system. In this page, the client learned that we need to use solid and liquid separator in the manure composting process. Why? Because cow manure is usually a mixture of urine and manure. It has a high moisture content, which is higher than 70% and even reaches 90%. This will seriously affect the aerobic fermentation of cattle farm waste. But solid and liquid separator can help you reduce the water content to a suitable level (50%-70%) quickly. Then you can start cow manure composting in a short time.

Which machine is suitable for your bentonite granules processing plant?

Besides moisture content, there are also some other aspects you need to focus on for decomposing cow dung fast.

The above are details about our communication with the customer about how to compost cow manure in Panama. In addition, you also can choose to further process cow dung into organic fertilizer. We can provide you with best solutions. Including cow manure powder fertilizer making plan, cow dung pellet fertilizer production system, etc.

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