Composting poultry waste is a sustainable form of poultry farm development. In this way, you can dispose of poultry farm manure environmentally and effectively. Moreover, it can help you make more profits. Poultry manure compost is an ideal soil amendment and organic fertilizer. But for fast poultry manure composting, moisture, temperature, C/N ratio and oxygen supply are 4 items you must pay attention to. Here, SX can provide you with various professional compost machines to help you to adjust them to a premium level. Welcome to contact us to get your own fermentation system for poultry manure management.

How to compost poultry manure quickly?

For industrial poultry manure to compost, even poultry manure organic fertilizer making, high efficacy is important. But how to ferment poultry manure fast? In general, you can speed up the aerobic fermentation of poultry waste from 4 aspects:

Removing excessive water from poultry manure

Water content adjustment is essential for fermenting poultry farm waste. Only it is between 40% and 60%, microorganisms in materials will decompose poultry manure quickly. However, fresh poultry waste usually has a high moisture content of 70%-90%. Here, you can use a solid-liquid separator to dry poultry manure and remove excessive water. For dry manure to compost, you can add water during fermentation.

Supplying oxygen to poultry manure composting timely

Aerobic fermentation of poultry poop, as the name suggests, oxygen supply timely is indispensable. Because composting is the process of microorganism activity. Enough oxygen (5%-15%) is key to microorganism living. So you need to turn poultry manure material piles regularly. This is beneficial for increasing porosity and fully contacting with the air. In this way, microorganisms can access the air.

Adjusting the C/N ratio of poultry poop materials

Carbon and nitrogen element are sources of energy and nutrient that bacteria activity needs. The right C/N ratio of poultry manure composting is often between 25/1 and 30/1. The nitrogen content of most poultry manure is sufficient. If you want to reduce the C/N ratio, you can add sawdust, straw, mushroom waste, rice hull, etc.

poultry manure compost temperature

Keeping the poultry compost temperature between 60-70 ℃

But the final purpose of the above three steps is to create a premium environment for poultry manure composting. These make the temperature of poultry waste compost piles rise to 60 ℃ as soon as possible. Which can kill pathogens, pest eggs and grass seeds in manure. However, it cannot be higher than 70 ℃, which will kill beneficial bacteria in fertilizer. For this, turning compost fertilizer also plays an important role.

Which machine is suitable for your poultry manure composting?

From the above parts, it is obvious that regularly turning is the secrete of quality compost making from poultry waste. For industrial poultry manure composting, buying a suitable compost turner is the most simple and effective way. In SX, there are 3 types of professional poultry manure compost machines for your choices as follows. They can fully meet your requirements of capacity, budget, efficacy, etc.

Windrow Composting for flat ground Poultry Manure Composting

Trench type compost turner for both small and large scale poultry manure management

Trench composting mainly fits for commercial small composting and large scale fermentation of poultry manure. Different from windrow composting, it needs to build a fermentation trench or multiple fermentation trenches. Trench composter mainly runs on the walls of the trenches. We offer the rails for sale.

Static Composting Organic Fermentation Tank For fast  poultry poop fermentation

How Long Does it Take for Poultry Manure to Compost?

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