If you want to setup a plant for industrial nitrogen fertilizer production, there are 2 ways you can choose. Dry granulation method and bulk blending method. The former is used  to make nitrogen fertilizer from NPK powder, like 30-10-10 NPK fertilizer. The latter is the best choice if you plan to use chemical granule as materials. In addition, for those who have high moisture materials or want to prepare nitrogen-rich organic fertilizer, we also design wet granulation system. So no matter what kind of nitrogen fertilizer you plan to manufacture, you can get suitable fertilizer equipment and solutions from SX.

What method is commonly used in nitrogen fertilizer production?

Generally, there are 2 methods to help you prepare quality nitrogen fertilizer. Including wet granulation, dry granulation and bulk blending. You can choose the best one according to the material, budget, capacity, etc of your nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing project.

Can the nitrogen fertilizer production line make 10 tons of fertilizer per hour ?

How to produce nitrogen NPK fertilizer with dry granulation method?

If you are interested in dry granulation of nitrogen fertilizer production like 30-10-10 NPK fertilizer making, the double roller granulator is the most suitable machine. The whole production line consists of batching machine, mixer, double roller granulator, sieving equipment and fertilizer granule packaging equipment. When you want expand your nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing business, only need to buy more roller extrusion granulators.

Why so many people buy double roller granulation line for 30-10-10 Nitrogen NPK fertilizer making

What is the design of 30-10-10 nitrogen NPK fertilizer bulk blending system?

As mentioned above, the 30-10-10 nitrogen NPK fertilizer bulk blending system contains the following 3 parts:

It adopts electrical weighting system can control the nitrogen and other chemical materials feeding volume precisely. This is key to making nitrogen NPK fertilizer with required proportion of 30-10-10.

It is also known as BB fertilizer mixer. As name suggests, the machine is used to blend various chemical materials with nitrogen material evenly. In this way, you can prepare nitrogen NPK fertilizer with balanced nutrients.

Finally, it needs an automatic fertilizer packaging equipment. You can choose to pack finish nitrogen fertilizer into 10 kg/bag, 20 kg/bag or 50 kg/bag according to your needs.

Large scale nitrogen NPK mixing fertilizer making line design

Can it process 30 tons of nitrogen NPK fertilizer in an hour?

How to prepare nitrogen-rich organic fertilizer?

Besides nitrogen NPK compound fertilizer making, you may also want to prepare organic fertilizer with rich nitrogen elements. Then how to manufacture nitrogen organic fertilizer? There is wet granulation system for you. This fertilizer pellets making technology mainly makes use of liquid like water as binder to facilitate the conversion of raw materials to granules. In general, the top 2 best-selling wet fertilizer granulation machines are disc pellet machine and rotary drum granulator.

What materials are suitable for nitrogen fertilizer production?

Materials for nitrogen NPK fertilizer manufacturing

If you want make NPK compound fertilizer with high nitrogen elements, like producing 30-10-10 NPK fertilizer, you can choose to add more urea, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate and calcium nitrate, etc.

Improve nitrogen nutrient of organic fertilizer

How to improve nitrogen element during organic fertilizer making? It is advisable to use more chicken manure, cow manure, pig manure,fish meal, bean cake, etc.

If you are interested in nitrogen organic or NPK fertilizer making, welcome to contact us at any time. Moreover, as professional fertilizer machine manufacturer, SX can also offer you quality fertilizer equipment for phosphate fertilizer production, manure organic fertilizer making and liquid fertilizer preparation.

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