For poultry farm operators, the management of manure is important. Because the accumulation of poultry feces will not only occupy a large area but also breed bacteria, which cause serious influences on poultry and surrounding environment. For this, making poultry manure into fertilizer is an ideal choice. This can dispose of poultry waste into harmless things quickly and bring you some extra income. On 14 June 2023, a customer from Congo inquired about poultry poop fertilizer production equipment, especially poultry manure pellet making machine. He planned to turn chicken manure into fertilizer pellets. The following are the specific details of communication in this case:

Which equipment is suitable for small scale poultry manure pellet making?

The client from Congo told us that he is starting a small poultry farm. So the customer wanted to buy an economical granulation machine for small scale poultry manure pellet making. According to the requirements,we recommended him flat die granulator. There are two reasons.

Small capacity

For one thing, in terms of capacity, flat die pelletizer is an excellent choice. In general, it can produce 1-2.5 tons of poultry manure granules per hour. Because the main material of final fertilizer is solid manure, which only occupies 1/3 of the whole. So this machine can process 3-7 tons of chicken poop into pellets in an hour. This can fully meet your needs for manure management in your small poultry farm.

Small area occupation

For another, flat die granulation has a compact design. That is, only needs a small area, it can finish the granulation of poultry litter quickly. You can start chicken poop pellet manufacturing in your farm directly. This machine mainly relies on the extrusion between rotating roller and mold to turn poultry waste into long cylindrical organic fertilizer. Then the blades inside the equipment will cut it into short column particles.

Are there other machines needed in the poultry manure granulation line?

For quality poultry manure pellets making, besides granulator, you may also need to buy fertilizer machines as follows:

Manure Dewatering Machine in SX Manure Processing Plant

Dewatering machine

Reducing moisture content of fresh poultry manure to 45%-60%, which is suitable for aerobic fermentation.

Dynamic Batching Machine from SX Poultry Manure Fertilizer Plant

Batching equipment

Feed poultry waste compost and other materials according to required proportions to make rich nutrient organic fertilizer

Groove type composter for low cost small scale poultry manure processing


Composting poultry waste to eliminate harmful substances. Such as pathogens, pest eggs and grass seeds.

High moisture poultry poop fertilizer crusher for sale


Crushing poultry manure into fine powder. This is beneficial for greatly improving poultry manure granulation effect.

Single Shaft Horizontal Fertilizer Mixer in SX Poultry Manure Fertilizer Plant


Blending various materials evenly to ensure the uniform nutrients content of final poultry manure fertilizer granules.

Fertilizer Packing Machine for Sale

Packaging equipment

Packing finished poultry manure pellet into bags. This makes transport, storage and use more convenient.

How to turn poultry waste fertilizer into more rounded granules?

Then the Congo asked us is there equipment for converting cylindrical poultry poop fertilizer into rounded pellets? Of course. Our fertilizer polishing machine is designed for it. Moreover, in order to fully meet your needs of different capacities fertilizer manufacturing, SX design two-stage polishing machine and three-stage polishing equipment respectively.

The above are details about our communication with the customer about poultry manure pellet making in Congo. In addition, we also can provide you with many other manure management plans, such as cow dung management system, goat manure disposal plan, pig waste treatment line, etc.

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