How to Make Cow Dung Fertilizer?

Before cow manure fertilizer granulation

After composting, there still are agglomerates and some large particles in cow manure material. This will affect the compost granulation effect. So you need a crusher to grind cattle manure cakes into fine powder.

In the process of cow manure fertilizer production, you usually need to add some auxiliary materials. Such as poultry manure for NPK content improvement, bentonite for faster granulation, agricultural waste for C:N ratio adjustment, etc. Here, materials proportions are important. And batching machine can help you a lot.

Then for prepare cow manure fertilizer with a uniform nutrient content, only put various materials is not enough. It is essential to mixing them together evenly after batching. In this way, you can ensure the uniform nutrient content of your final cow manure pellets.

After cattle manure to pellets

After cow manure fertilizer granulation, you need to screen pellets first. to sieve out the fertilizer with required size. So you can get cow manure fertilizer granules with a uniform size and no waste.

Typically, this is an optional process. If you capacity is below 1 t/h, there is no need to use the dryer and cooler. You can choose to adopts sun drying method. Conversely, if your cow dung fertilizer capacity is above 1 t/h, we recommend you buy the  cow manure dryer and cooler.

Then the cow dung fertilizer making can enter into the last process-packaging. The automatic package can save time and energy for you.

How to Speed Up the Making Process of Cow Dung Fertilizer?

4 Features of Our Rotary Drum Granulator to Facilitate in Your Granulation Process

High Output

Our drum granulator can meet the processing capacity as small as 1t/h and as large as 30 t/h. For commercial cow dung organic fertilizer production, drum granulator production is popular and earn good feedback from our past customers.

Anti-Sticking Design

There is a layer of rubber lining inside the drum granulator. The rubber is kind of wear-resistant and anti-corrosion material. So the drum granulation machine can withstand the erosion of large scale cow manure fertilizer processing and prolong the service life to the greatest extent.

Special Material

The drum adopts a one-piece spiral tube, and the thickness of the plate is consistent. The entire granulation drum is supported by riding gears and their bases, which are made of wear-resistant materials due to the high-speed rotational force. Secondly, the barrel of the drum granulator is large and must be supported by a solid base. Our base uses carbon steel plate and U-steel, two types of high-temperature and wear-resistant steel.

Clean System

There are many cleaning holes on the granulation drum, this design is to prevent the cow dung material from sticking to the wall. When using small hammers to hit the cleaning holes, the materials that stick to the drum wall will fall immediately.

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