How to Make Cow Dung Fertilizer?

There may be agglomeration and some large particles in the composted cow materials. So the crusher is needed after composting. It can crush your large cow material into fine powder.

In every country, the organic fertilizer production has a certain standard. In general, different countries have different standards. In China, the standard is according to NY525-2012, The mass fraction of organic matter in organic fertilizer is not less than 45%. So when your cow dung fertilizer can’t reach the standard, you have to add some content.

The material need to be mixed together evenly after batching. If not the mix step, the material will uneven distribution.

SX can provide you different types granulator. The new type organic fertilizer is our latest granulator which the granules can not easy to break up. And in the process of granulating, it is not necessary to add water. Correspondingly, this will save you the dryer machine cost.

Typically, this is an optional process. If you capacity is below 1t/h, there is no need to use the dryer and cooler. Conversely, if your cow dung fertilizer capacity is above 1t/h, we recommend you buy the dryer and cooler.

After the screening, the cow dung fertilizer into the last process-packing. The automatic package can save time and energy for you.

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