When you plant mushrooms, there will be a large amount of spent mushroom substrate generated. The cost of mushroom substrate making is high and discarding it directly will cause serious pollution to the environment. So many mushroom growers want to know about what to do with spent mushroom substrate? Using mushroom residues as fertilizer is an ideal choice.

Spent mushroom substrate waste disposal

Spent mushroom substrate waste disposal

In fact, the mushroom substrate mainly consists of various plant residues, such as cottonseed hulls, sawdust, rice bran, straw, etc. They contain many macromolecular substances like cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin and pectin, etc. And in the process of mycelial growth, enzymolysis will decompose them into small molecular sugars, acids, alcohols, etc. Which have rich nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, silicon and other mineral elements and are easier to absorb by crops and plants. So organic fertilizer produced with mushroom waste can greatly facilitate the growth of crops.

How to make mushroom compost?

For mushroom waste disposal, most growers choose to make spent mushroom substrate into compost. There are two reasons. For one thing, composting is the key to making mushroom waste harmless. Otherwise, raw mushroom waste materials will cause seed burning and pest disease. For another, fermentation is the simplest way to make fertilizer from mushroom residues. Then what to do with spent mushroom substrate for compost production?

Moisture content adjustment

When making compost with spent mushroom substrate, you need to reduce the moisture content of material first. For one thing, in order to grow quality mushrooms, substrates need a high moisture of 60%-80%. For another, mushroom sticks are also a kind of high water content material. However, the premium compost moisture for mushroom litter fermentation is 50%-60%. Here, you can use screw dewatering machine and rotary dryer.

C/N ratio reduction

Why not use NPK fertilizer as supplement when making compost for mushroom waste? Of course you can. And it is necessary for composting mushroom waste. Because spent mushroom substrate has a high C/N ratio. For preparing mushroom waste compost, it is advisable to adjust it to 30-35:1. At that time, it is an ideal choice to add nitrogen fertilizer like urea or high nitrogen content materials like chicken manure or pig manure.

Mushroom compost turning

Finally, the most important step – turning mushroom waste piles regularly. In this process, mushroom compost piles can get enough oxygen supply to start aerobic fermentation. Then it will generate a large amount of heat to kill harmful substances in organic waste. In addition, regular turning of material can also dissipate excessive heat to ensure the beneficial bacterial living. But natural and manual compost turning will take a long time and cannot fully compost mushroom waste. A suitable fertilizer compost machine is needed.

Top 3 mushroom substrate composting machines for you

Here, you can learn the top 3 mushroom substrate composting machines in SX. From the feedback of our past customers, they can help you complete mushroom compost quickly and easily.

Small scale spent mushroom substrate disposal fermentation tank

If you only want to make mushroom waste compost in a small scale, in-vessel fermentation tank is the best choice. It has a capacity of 71-102 m³. Average it can process 5-12 tons of spent mushroom substrate with a water content of 50%-70% per day. And it can prepare 2-5 tons of composted fertilizer. Moreover, because of in-vessel composting method employment, it can help you finish mushroom compost faster.

Small area occupation

If you more focus on the cost of mushroom waste compost, you can choose our groove type compost turner or moving type self-propelled composter. The former adopts a trench composting method and has a turning span of 2.5-5 m and turning depth of 0.6- 1 m. In addition, after preset working model, it can turn over compost pile without worker operation. The latter is more suitable for fertilizer manufacturers who don’t want to build fermentation grooves. Self-propelled compost turner employ steering wheel control system and four-wheel moving system, so with a worker operation, it can start mushroom compost on the flat ground directly.

Lager scale mushroom residues as fertilizer composter

But when you plan to setup a larger scale mushroom waste treatment plant, it is advisable to buy our wheel type compost turner. It can work on the fermentation trench with a width of 8-30 m and a depth of 1-3 m. With vertical and horizontal moving systems design, it can fully compost spent mushroom substrate quickly.

What equipment can be used for processing better mushroom substrate compost fertilizer?

In the process commercial mushroom waste compost production, you may also need some other auxiliary fertilizer machines.

When adjusting C/N ratio, we add some nitrogen-rich materials. Then you should mix them with mushroom waste evenly with fertilizer mixer. This is the key to preparing compost fertilizer with uniform nutrient content.

Then in order to make crops and plants absorb nutrients from compost fertilizer more smoothly, you also need to crush mushroom waste compost into fine powder. For this, if your material water content is 20%-40%, you can choose vertical crusher. Or you can use wood crusher after drying (moisture content – 10%).

After crushing, rotary screening equipment can help you separate waste from fine compost powder. In this way, you can improve the purity and quality of final mushroom waste fertilizer.

Finally, for easy to transport, store and sell, you need to package finish mushroom compost into bags. SX can provide you with single bucket packing scale, double buckets bagging machine and ton bag fertilizer packing equipment according to your output.

What is the cost of mushroom waste compost?

For the cost of mushroom waste compost making, you need to pay attention to material, equipment, area, etc. Then how to start spent mushroom substrate compost at a low cost? SX fertilizer manufacturer can help you a lot.

On the one hand, we are a source factory of mushroom waste fertilizer making equipment. There is no extra charge in the trading process. And as a good partner for you, we will offer you quality mushroom compost equipment at a favourable price.

On the other hand, we will design a mushroom waste fertilizer making plan according to your actual conditions. Of course. Including your factory area and budget.

Besides solution for what to do with spent mushroom substrate, we also can offer you plan for other organic waste disposal. Such as chicken manure disposal, cow dung treatment, goat manure management, pig farm waste disposal, etc. If you are interested in them, welcome to contact us immediately.

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