Drying equipment plays an important role in manure waste disposal, especially for use manure as fertilizer. Its is designed to dry manure to reduce the moisture content. In this way, you can use manure as fuel or make organic fertilizer better. Here, our manure dryer has features of 300 ℃ hot air injection, rotary heating and both gas and oil fuel, which can help you dry manure to even below 10% water content quickly. In addition, it can fully meet your requirements of poultry manure, chicken poop and cow dung disposal on both small and large scales.

manure dryer

  • Capacity: 1-20 t/h
  • Power: 5.5-55 KW
  • Moisture after drying: 5-10%

  • Cost: $3,500-$50,000
  • Application: poultry manure, cow dung, pig waste, bean dregs, sugar residue, etc.

Top 3 types of manure dryer for sale for fertilizer making in YUSHUNXIN

In order to fully meet your requirement for manure drying and commercial fertilizer making, we design various manure dryers for your choice. And there are 3 types of manure drying machines that are best-selling with manure organic fertilizer manufacturers.

Small chicken manure dryer

For less than 100 tons of chicken manure processing or organic fertilizer making, we recommend you to buy a our small rotary dryer of chicken poop. The machine mainly makes use of hot air drying method. With the drum rotating, broiler manure will be dried to 10% moisture in a short time. In addition, it can fully meet your needs of 1t/h – 5t/h chicken farm manure waste disposal.

Chicken manure drying machine for sale
Poultry manure dryer for manure to fertilizer making

Faster poultry waste drying machine

Can we dry poultry manure more quickly? Of course. Here, we especially design poultry manure dryer with more heat channels. In this way, you can supply heat for drying poultry manure faster. This is beneficial for ensuring the temperature of poultry waste drying is kept at a suitable level all the time. Therefore, it takes a shorter time for poultry manure drying or poultry waste fertilizer production.

Large scale cow dung drying equipment

Is there suitable drying equipment for drying cow dung? It has higher water content and cattle farm waste management usually needs a larger scale dryer. For this, you can choose our dual-drying system. As the name suggests, it will dry cattle manure twice. So, the high moisture content of dairy manure will decrease quickly. Moreover, its capacity can reach 20 t/h.

Rotary drum dryer for poultry manure drying

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What is the role of manure rotary dryer in fertilizer making?

With manure dryer, there are two farm manure waste management plans for your choice. You can choose to use dried manure as fuel directly. But if you want to make more profits, it is advisable to turn animal manure into organic fertilizer. Here, our engineers especially design 2 manure fertilizer production lines for your choice.

Fresh manure to organic fertilizer system

When you use fresh manure to prepare fertilizer, you need to ferment manure into compost first. Composting is a harmless process of manure, which makes use of high temperature to kill pathogens, pest eggs and glass seeds. Then, after crushing, batching, mixing, granulation, sieving, drying and cooling, you can pack finished manure fertilizer to sell.

Manure compost to fertilizer plan

However, if you have composted manure and want to dry manure first. You can choose to add a double roller granulation system after manure drying machine. It contains material feeder, crusher, roller extrusion equipment, screen and packaging scale.

3 Features of manure dryer machine

What is the other equipment involved for manure drying faster and better?

If you want to dry manure faster and better, you can add the following equipment to your manure drying system.

Manure dewatering machine

For high moisture content(over 60%) manure drying quickly, besides dual drying system, you also can use a dewatering machine. It mainly depends on the physical extrusion force between the screen and the screw to remove excessive water from manure. Generally, it can dry the manure with 60%-90% moisture to 30%. In addition, because of physical force only, you can reduce the fuel cost of manure drying and fertilizer making.

Manure dewatering machine for faster manure drying
Organic fertilizer manure crushing machines for sale

Animal waste crusher

Moreover, you also can choose to buy a manure waste crusher, which can grind manure or compost into fine powder. Therefore, in the rotary drying process, material has a large contact area with hot air. Usually, the larger the contact area, the faster the manure drying. For this, we can offer you vertical crusher – large capacity and no blocking and semi-wet material grinder – small output but economical price.

Fertilizer dust collector

Of course. In order to meet your needs to dispose of manure environmentally, we also design dust collection system for you. Cyclone dust collector, water spray tower and dust room. They can treat drying gas waste to international discharging standards quickly.

Dust collection system for manure disposal

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How much does the manure drying system cost?

As a reliable manure drying machine manufacturer, we will offer you manure rotary dryer at a factory price. $3,500-$50,000. But the price of a manure drying system generally is not fixed. It will change with capacity, design and auxiliary machine number. If you need a precise quote of required manure or fertilizer drying system, welcome to contact us immediately.


  • 1-10 t/h


  • 10-20 t/h

Besides, for manure waste management and organic fertilizer making, we also can offer you many other equipment. Such as compost turner, crusher, granule making machine, screen, etc. If you are interested in them, welcome to contact us by contact form at any time.

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