For manure waste management, composting is necessary. Because it is a process of killing substances in manure waste, including pathogens, pest eggs and grass seeds. So you can make manure into quality organic fertilizer. Then for quickly composting manure waste, professional manure compost machine is indispensable. The equipment integrates crushing, aeration and oxygen supply functions, allowing you to faster complete aerobic fermentation. Here, as a reliable fertilizer equipment manufacturer, YUSHUNXIN especially designs various compost turners to fully meet your requirements of manure waste disposal. Welcome to contact up for your own manure compost business plan.

Powdery organic fertilizer making line for manure management

manure compost machine

  • Capacity: 1-20 t/h
  • Types: Trench / Windrow / In-veseel

  • Equipment Material: Carbon steel Q235, Alloy
  • Application: Manure waste managemnet, Manure composting

What compost turner is commonly used in manure waste management?

In order to meet your various needs for making compost fertilizer from manure, we especially design 6 types of manure compost machines for your choice.

In-vessel composter for fast manure fermentation

If you want to make compost from animal manure faster, in-vessel compostor is the best choice. Only 10-15 days. Because it makes compost in a closed environment, which can retain the heat and isolate the influences from the outside world. At the same time, for the cold area, it can help you dispose of manure waste into compost all the year. In addition, this machine has high automation. With an automatic system of turning, oxygen supply, temperature monitoring, etc.

In-vessel manure compost machine for design


Capacity Area (㎡) Compost Time


Organic Fermentaiton Tank

5-150 10-60 10-15 days In-vessel fermentation

Economical groove type compost turner for you

Groove type compost machine for manure waste disposal

While, when you need an economical manure compost machine, the groove type compost turner is the best choice for you. The compostor has a turning width of 2.5-5 m and turning depth of 0.8-2 m. So it can turn 500-3000 m³ of manure compost piles. Moreover, with transfer vehicle, it can change groove type process more compost fertilizer. But, the equipment has a favourable price – only $5,000-$19,000.


Turning Width (mm) Turning Depth (mm) Compost Time


Groove Type Compost Turner

2500-5000 800-2000 10-20 days

Trench Fermentation

Windrow compost machine with no extra infrastructures

Is there manure compost turner without fermentation tank establishing? Of course. It is windrow compost equipment, which adopts the ground fermentation method. Only need a flat cement ground, it can start the composting of organic manure. Piling the manure materials into windrows, then drive the windrow compost turner to turn regularly. Here, our engineerd especially design moving type compost machine for small scale manure disposal and crawler type for the large scale.

Windrow compost machines for sale


Turning Width (mm) Turning Depth (mm) Compost Time


Crawler type compost tuner 2000 600 10-20 days On the ground fermentation
Moving Type  Compost Machine




On the ground fermentation

Wheel type compost equipment for industrial large scale composting

Double wheel type manure compostor design

Which equipment is suitable for composting in over 10 t/h organic fertilizer making? You can buy our wheel type compost turner. With 8-30 m turning span and 1-3 m turning depth, it can process a large amount of manure into compost in a short time. In addition, in order to further improve the compost efficacy, we upgrade the wheel type compostor to dual wheel type compost machine.


Turning Width (mm) Turning Depth (mm) Compost Time


Chain Plate Type Compost Turner

4000 1000-1800 10-20 days

Trench Fermentation

Other compost turning machines for manure waste disposal


Turning Width (mm) Turning Depth (mm) Compost Time


Chain Plate Type Compost Turner 4000 1000-1800 10-20 days Trench Fermentation

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What is the price of a commercial manure compost machine?

For buying a commercial manure compost turning equipment, price is an item you must focus on. Because of capacity, design, method employment, etc, the prices of fermentation machines are different. In general, the price of the above manure compost equipment in YUSHUNXIN is as follows:

In-vessel Compostor

  • Capacity: 5-100 m³
  • Faster

Groove Type Compost Turner

  • Turning Width: 3-5 m Turning Depth: 0.8-2 m
  • Economical

Windrow Compost Machine

  • Turning Width: 2-3 m Turning Depth: 0.6-1.5 m
  • Flat Ground Fermentation

Wheel Type Compost Equipment

  • Turning Width: 8-30 m Turning Depth: 2-3 m
  • Large Scale

Chain Plate Type Compost Machine

  • Turning Width: 4 m Turning Depth: 1-1.8 m
  • Large Turning Part

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What manure waste can the compost machine process?

The manure compost machines can dispose various materials into compost fertilizer.

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How does the manure compost machine work to speed up composting?

Generally, the method adopted by manure composting is aerobic fermentation. As the name suggests, it relies on oxygen consumption to support microorganism activity. So the bacteria can decompose organic matter into smaller molecules and generate enough heat to kill harmful substances in manure waste. Here, using suitable manure compost machine can facilitate aerobic fermentation. Because, it can play roles as follows:

As mentioned above, the oxygen supply is essential for aerobic fermentation of manure. During manure composter working, it will turn the material and transport oxygen inside. Therefore, microorganisms in manure can keep active to decompose organic matter.

Because animal manure is a mixture of solids and liquid. So it usually has a high moisture content and forms many big agglomerates. This is not suitable for manure compost making. However, under the help of compost turner turning, the big agglomerate will be broken into small size material. Therefore, it has a large contact area with oxygen, this is beneficial for improving the fermentation effect.

Temperature of material plays an important role in compost production. Because when it is higher than 60℃, it can kill harmful bacteria, pest eggs and grass seeds in manure. This makes animal manure suitable for organic fertilizer making without harmfulness. But when the material temperature is higher than 70℃, it will kill beneficial bacteria in manure. However, when this machine is turning organic manure, the excessive heat of material can be dissipated and its air permeability also can be increased.

Oxygen Supply
Agglomerate Breaking
Heat Disspation

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3 Tips for compost manure waste faster

Is there other tips for converting manure waste into compost fertilizer? Of course. From our engineers, you also can speed up the manure composting in 3 ways:

Moisture is essential in the composting process of manure, yet too much water can hinder aeration and slow down microbial activity. To prevent this, start by removing excessive water from your manure waste before fermentation. This ensures optimal moisture levels – 40%-60%, leading to better aeration and faster decomposition. For this, you can use our manure dehydrator, which can reduce the manure water content to 30% in a short time.

Particle size has a direct impact on the speed of organic composting. By grinding manure into fine powder, you increase the surface area available for microbes to work on, which significantly speeds up the fermentation process. Here, it is advisable to use a manure grinder or shredder. Compared with compost tuner, it can further pulverize the manure into smaller particles (about 50 meshes). This makes it more accessible for bacteria to decompose organic material.

One of the most effective methods is introducing specialized fermentation bacteria to the manure during compost making. These bacteria are designed to thrive in composting conditions and can rapidly decompose organic matter. By inoculating your manure with these efficient microbes, you boost the fermentation process, turning waste into high-quality compost fertilizer in a fraction of the usual time.

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Besides manure compost machine, there are also many other equipment for manure waste management. Including, dryer, granulator, mixer, screener, packaging. Welcome to contact us for your own manure fertilizer production plan.

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