As a major cattle-raising country, how does the United States solve the livestock and poultry manure pollution? The U.S. government has implemented a comprehensive nutrient management plan ( CNMP) for livestock and poultry manure. One of the most commonly used measures is to turn cow dung into organic fertilizer. Here, YUSHUNXIN can offer you best plan and equipment for the cattle manure management. For example, we designed a 2 t/h system to make granulated cow manure for our American customer, who inquired on 6th February 2024.

Granulated Cow Manure Making

  • Country: United States

  • Capacity: 2 t/h

  • Material: dairy cow manure with 12%-30% total solids

  • Requirement: uniform granulated fertilizer at 88% – 90% total solids

  • Solution: Screw dehydrator, semi-wet crusher, disc granulator, rotary dryer

The following are the specific details of communication in this case

What are the United States customer’s requirements of cow manure disposal?

The customer from the United States material source is dairy cow manure slurry already passed through anaerobic digester tank and a decanter centrifuge. And the input TS (total solids) is 12%-30%. Meanwhile the final output is granulated cow manure fertilizer at 88% - 90% total solids.

How to dry cow manure to 88% – 90% total solids?

Firstly, how to dry cow manure? For this, we recommend you divide the manure drying into two processes:

Hot air dryer of dewatered dairy waste

For dairy cow waste drying, hot air cow manure rotary dryer is necessary. It can reduce the moisture of cow dung to lower than 10%. Namely, the output dried cow manure and fertilizer is at over 90% solid. The machine makes use of over 300 ℃ hot air to evaporate the excessive water from cow manure organic fertilizer in a short time.

Cow manure dewatering

But, for the rotary dryer, it is advisable to process cow dung with below 60% moisture (higher than 40% solids ). Because the higher the manure moisture, the longer the drying time and the more the energy consumption. For this, add a cattle litter dewatering machine before hot air dryer is an ideal choice for you. Mainly makes use of physical press force to remove excessive water from cow manure slurry. So you can greatly reduce the cost of cow manure drying.

After cow manure dewatering, the moisture can decrease to 30%. Then the rotary drying machine can produce dairy cow manure fertilizer granule with 88%-90% total solids fast and economical.

Which machine can make uniform granulated cow manure without compress?

In addition, the American client another requirement of cow waste management is preparing uniform granulated cow manure fertilizer. However, The customer wished the end product will be not “granules” that are compressed. In other words, the cow manure fertilizer pellets will hold its uniform shape, but can be crumbled  in your hand.


Here, we can offer you disc granulator and rotary drum pelletizer. With the disc and the drum rotating, the cow dung material will move upward; then under the action of gravity, the small particles will roll down and combine with other materials to form into granulated cow manure fertilizer you need. What’s more, the final cow dung organic fertilizer granule is in rounded shape. And, without pressing, the final cow dung fertilizer pellets can fully meet the needs from the United States client.


Because the feeding moisture for the disc and drum granulation is 20%-40%. At the same time, the material from American cow farm owner is 50000 wet lbs manure with a solid content of 12%-30% – water content of 70%-88%. And about 8 hour working. Therefore, it needs to buy a cow manure granulator with about 2 t/h. For this, you can choose disc pelletizer because of an more economical price. And you also can buy a drum granulator for high erosion resistance.

It is advisable to add the disc granulation equipment before the hot air rotary dryer but after screw manure dehydrator. Because it can make you make granulated cow manure fertilizer more smoothly. After dewatering, the cow manure moisture is about 30%-40%, which is suitable for cow dung fertilizer pellet manufacturing. Then, the rotary drying machine can dry granulate cow dung to 10% moisture, which is in line with the customer’s requirement of output solids content of 88% – 90%.

Besides the moisture, you also need to focus on the particle size of cow manure material. The cattle waste material cannot be in “clumps” going in. In order to make better fertilizer granules with cow manure quickly, it is advisable to keep the material at about 50 meshes particle size. For this, you can choose to break dewatered cow manure into small particles with semi-wet material crusher.

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Can use Western brand parts for machines to make granulated cow manure?

Of Course. As a professional manure management machine manufacturer, YUSHUNXIN constantly integrate advanced accessories from the domestic and foreign. Such as the Siemens, Schneider, ABB, Delixi, Baosteel and other excellent accessories. We can provide you with customized cow manure granulation machines according to your requirements. Including material, capacity, cost, voltage, dust prevention, etc.

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The above are details about our communication with the customer about how to make granulated cow manure in the United States. Besides, we can also offer you many other plans for cow manure management. Such as systems of cow dung composting, cow manure powder organic fertilizer making, etc. Welcome to contact us for your own manure disposal plans and machines.

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