If you want to make quality fertilizer, equipment for fertilizer sieving is indispensable. Whether you plan to prepare manure organic fertilizer or make NPK fertilizer. As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX can provide you with rotary screener. It can meet your requirements of powder, granules, small quantities, large quantities, organic or compound fertilizer productions. If you have any other requirements, you can contact us for customization. SX will try our best to help you start fertilizer manufacturing smoothly.

Why you need screening machine in fertilizer making

In general, screening machine mainly facilitate fertilizer making in two aspects.

Improving purity of fertilizer you prepare

For one thing, rotary screening machine can separate waste from processed organic or compound fertilizer. Such as small stones, grass, cigarette butts, etc. So you can make higher quality fertilizer. For another, it is capable of sieving out fertilizer with required particle size from the small and large size. This is beneficial for preparing uniform size fertilizer and getting fertilizer with the granularity you need.

Reduce fertilizer making materials waste

In addition, combing with fertilizer crusher, there is nearly no material waste in your whole fertilizer manufacturing process. Crushing unqualified fertilizer products into fine powder again. Then, you can convey these materials to process again for preparing quality fertilizer you need. Therefore, sieving machine is the key to greatly improving the utilization rate of your fertilizer making materials.

Material utilization rate

Top 4 types of rotary screening equipment for your choice

Among various fertilizer screening machines, rotary screener is an ideal choice for you. As a reliable fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX designs different types of rotary screening machines to fully meet your fertilizer production requirements.

Powder fertilizer screening machine

For quality fertilizer making, rotary screener of powder is necessary. Generally, it has two discharging outlets, which are widely used to divide powdered fertilizer into waste and fine powder fertilizer. After sieving, you can make powdery fertilizer with a higher purity. In addition, because without waste and large particle size powder, you can form powder into fertilizer pellets quickly and easily. Moreover, the produce fertilizer granules have a more smooth and beautiful appearance.

Fertilizer pellet rotary screener

Besides powder screener, we also can offer you rotary screening machine for fertilizer granulation line. There are three discharging outlets. This means the granule screening equipment usually divides fertilizer pellets into three parts. Small size, required size and large size. After removing small and large fertilizer granule, you can get fertilizer pellets with a uniform size. This is beneficial for supplying nutrients to crops in a more effective way.

Small scale commercial compost screener

In addition, we also sort the rotary drum screeners into different models according to your capacity. Among them, the smaller output one is SXGS-1020. In general conditions, it can process 1-2 tons of powdery or granular fertilizer per hour. And its power is only 3 kw.

Large scale industrial sieving machine

How about the largest rotary screening equipment for fertilizer making? At present, the largest screening machine in SX stock is SXGS-2080 model. The machine sorts 10-20 tons of organic or compound fertilizer per hour. This can fully meet your needs of large scale industrial fertilizer making.

Technology parameters of SX rotary sieving equipment

Model Power (kw) Reducer Drum Speed (r/min) Capacity (t/h)
SXGS-1020 3 ZQ250 21 1-2
SXGS-1030 3 ZQ250 21 2-3
SXGS-1240 4 ZQ250 18 3-5
SXGS-1540 5.5 ZQ350 16 5-8
SXGS-1560 5.5 ZQ350 16 6-10
SXGS-1870 7.5 ZQ400 12 10-15
SXGS-2080 11 ZQ400 12 10-20

How rotary drum screener work to separate fertilizer into different sizes?

Rotary screener mainly relies on two designs to separate fertilizer into different sizes. Screen mesh with different size holes and screen rotating. The former is the key to dividing fertilizer into different sizes. The latter is essential for making materials distributed evenly to reduce the wear. What’s more, this is also the reason why there is no blocking of screen holes during fertilizer screening.

Is there fertilizer making dust pollution prevention design of rotary sceener?

In the process of fertilizer production, dust prevention is also an item to focus on. It is closely related to not only environmental protection but also production safety. Then how to prevent dust in the screening process? We especially design baffles on the two sides of rotary screening equipment. Supporting the baffle can reduce the spread of dust. Is there a more effective method for screening dust pollution prevention. Of course. SX can add a closed dust cover to your fertilizer screening machine. In this way, it can lock the floating powder into the machine.

What is the price of a rotary screener?

F inally, the price of screening machine is an aspect you must want to know. However, the cost of rotary screener is not fixed. It will change with the type, capacity and design. Here, SX can provide you with screening equipment at an economical price.

On the one hand, SX is a source factory, you can buy screening equipment at a factory price. There is no middle extra profits. On the other hand, SX rotary sieving machine has a long service life. In the long term, it can reduce your expenses on repairing and changing.

In general, the reference price of a rotary screener is $2,000-$50,000. If you want to get a more precise quote for the screening machine you need, welcome to contact us immediately.

Where to buy a quality fertilizer sieving machine?

In terms of screening equipment manufacturer choosing, SX is an excellent option. Besides the economical price, SX fertilizer screening machine also has advantages as follows:

The body mainly uses Q235B boiler steel as materials, which has high strength and is not easy to deform. And the wearing part – screen mesh especially adopts galvanized steel, which has a longer service life. In addition, if you need, we can also replace it with a stainless steel screen mesh.

SX rotary screening equipment is suitable for both organic and NPK fertilizer making. In addition, besides fertilizer screening, it also can be used in sieving of cat litter, feed pellets, fuel products, etc.

As long as the material particle size is less than 300 mm, this rotary sieving machine is suitable for you.

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