What is the Complete Process of Goat Dung Power Making?

How to Make Goat Manure Compost Effectively?

Are you looking for matching turning equipment for the organic fertilizer production line of powdered goat manure? When you start your goat manure compost making, you should know that there are the fermentation area and powder fertilizer making area. The groove type compost turner is a compost method that can effectively connect these two areas. When your goat manure completed, then loader type feeder will put the material into the powder line.

What Other Equipment do You Need in the Goat Powder Fertilizer Production Line?

As mentioned above, after finish your goat manure composting, you need many other goat dung powder making machine to improve fertilizer quality.  Such as, loader type feeder to put your material into the production line. For the agglomeration in the fermentation of sheep manure, we equipped with a vertical crusher in the next step. The machine can crush your sheep composted litter into fine powder so that you can pack them. Following that is the screening step. Our 1.2 m x 4 m rotary screening machine can screen out the finished goat manure powders. Lastly , the powder packing machine can package it into commodity organic fertilizer.

Loader Type Feeder for Conveying Bulk Materials

Goat Poop Crusher for  Compost Agglomeration To Powder Organic Fertilizer

How to Screen out Impurities and Unqualified Particles in Sheep Manure Organic Fertilizer Powder?

Will the powder goat dung fertilizer block the packaging equipment?

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