As a professional organic fertilizer equipment supplier, there are various goat manure disposal plans for your choice. The top 2 systems are goat dung powder making machine system and goat manure fertilizer granule making plan. For economical goat manure processing, the former is a better choice. Only needs several steps, it can dispose goat manure waste into quality organic fertilizer. For this, YUSHUNXIN can offer you best fertilizer equipment for every step accoding to your needs. Welcome to contact us for your own goat manure powder fertilizer production line!

Goat dung powder making

  • Capacity: 1-20 t/h
  • Area: 800-5000 m³

  • Cost: $20,000-$90,000

  • Design: Compost turner, feeder, crusher, screener, packing machine, etc

  • Application: Goat manure waste managment, organic fertilizer production

What is the Complete Process of Goat Dung Power Making?

In order to make quality organic fertilizer from goat manure, you need to clear the process of powdery goat manure making depply. In general, it can be divided into 3 parts.

Raw material pretreatment – dewatering

One important raw material pretreatment step is adjusting moisture content of sheep manure. For better organic fertilizer making, it is advisable to keep the water content of goat dung between 60% and 45% before composting. Here, you can use two ways: adding some dry materials to mix, processing with a sheep manure dehydrator, which can reduce it to 30%. At the same time, you also can add functional bacteria during pretreatment to promote the fermentation process.

Aerobic fermentation

The purpose of aerobic fermentation is to remove harmful substances in sheep manure to achieve the purpose of harmlessness. Through high-temperature fermentation treatment, the moisture content of sheep manure is reduced, and the organic matter is decomposed to release nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus  and potassium. At the same time, the nature of the organic material becomes loose and dispersed. Generally, a fermentation cycle lasts for 15-20 days, and the temperature of the pile can rise to 60-70°C and last for more than 10 days. In this process, a suitable equipment for goat manure composting is necessary. It can fully ferment sheep manure through turning regularly.

Production of Sheep Manure Powder Organic Fertilizer

The powdery organic fertilizer production process mainly contains 4 steps. to send the fermented and decomposed sheep manure with a water content of about 30%-35% into the feeder with a forklift. Then conveying it into the crusher to transform into fine power through the belt conveyor. Next selecting quality goat dung powder fertilizer by seceener processing. into the screening machine. Finally, directly packaging the finished powder organic fertilizer make from sheep poop.

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How to Make Goat Manure Compost Effectively?

Are you looking for matching turning equipment for the organic fertilizer production line of powdered goat manure? When you start your goat manure compost making, you should know that there are the fermentation area and powder fertilizer making area. The groove type compost turner is a compost method that can effectively connect these two areas. When your goat manure completed, then loader type feeder will put the material into the powder line.

The crushed straw, sheep manure, fermented strains, etc. are mixed until the water content is 50-60% and sent to the fermentation trench by a forklift. Then you can turn and stir the compost piles with the groove type compost turner that walks freely on the fermentation trench. The primary aerobic fermentation adopts a continuous production process, that is, it is necessary to regularly turn over the pile every day. And regularly feed and discharge materials to ensure continuous production.

What Other Equipment do You Need in the Goat Powder Fertilizer Production Line?

As mentioned above, after finish your goat manure composting, you need many other goat dung powder making machine to improve fertilizer quality.  Such as, loader type feeder to put your material into the production line. For the agglomeration in the fermentation of sheep manure, we equipped with a vertical crusher in the next step. The machine can crush your sheep composted litter into fine powder so that you can pack them. Following that is the screening step. Our 1.2 m x 4 m rotary screening machine can screen out the finished goat manure powders. Lastly , the powder packing machine can package it into commodity organic fertilizer.

Loader Type Feeder for Conveying Bulk Materials

Goat Poop Crusher for  Compost Agglomeration To Powder Organic Fertilizer

How to Screen out Impurities and Unqualified Particles in Sheep Manure Organic Fertilizer Powder?

Will the powder goat dung fertilizer block the packaging equipment?

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