In Argentina, bentonite ore resource is rich. Besides being used in organic fertilizer making from manure, industrial production, etc, it is an ideal material to make cat litter. Because, it has an excellent absorption of water and odor. On 6th March 2024, a customer from Argentina inquired about how to make bentonite cat litter. With bentonite, corn cobs, sawdust as materials, the client wanted to setup a 10 t/h cat litter production plant.

Powdery organic fertilizer making line for manure management

bentonite cat litter making line

  • <b>Country: Argentina
  • <strong>Capacity:</strong> 10 t/h
  • Material: bentonite rocks, corn cobs, sawdust, etc
  • Design: ore crusher, wood crusher, batching equipment, mixer, pan granulator, dryer, cooler, screener, packaging scale, etc.

The following are the specific details of communication in this case

how to make bentonite ore into cat litter?

From the email of the Argentina customer, he told us that there are bentonite rocks, corn cobs, sawdust as materials for cat litter granule production. Then how to make bentonite ore into cat litter pellets? In general, it needs 6 steps:

In order to make quality cat litter granules, it is advisable to use powdery materials. So you need to grind bentonite rocks and corn cobs into fine powder first.

In the process of bentonite cat litter manufacturing, the proportions of various materials are important. So, you need a dynamic batching machine to feed various materials precisely according to required proportions.

Then, to ensure the element balance of final cat litter granules, you need to mix bentonite powder with auxiliary material evenly. For this, you can buy a double shaft mixer. Mixing fast and working automatically with enough electricity.

Here, the most important step for bentonite cat litter making – granulation. By making bentonite cat litter into pellets, you can reduce the dust generation and remove cat litter waste after use.

Finally, due to get cat litter granule with uniform size, you need to sieve and sort with screener. Then, for commercial cat litter making, you need to pack the bentonite cat litter pellets before selling to your customers.

Learn more about Bentonite Cat Litter making !

How to crush bentonite ore and corn cobs to make bentonite cat litter?

For bentonite ore processing, Jaw crusher and Raymond crusher are the best choices for you. With special designs, they can crush hard bentonite rocks into small particles (0.173-0.044 mm) quickly. But, for corn cobs crushing, we recommend you use our wood grinder, which is designed for agricultural waste crushing.

Raymond mill for bentonite fine powder manufacturingJaw crusher for bentonite ore breaking

Which bentonite granules making machine suitable for 10 t/h cat litter production?

For 10 t/h cat litter granules manufacturing, we can offer you two types of powder granule making systems for your choice.

Economical double roller granulation of bentonite mixture

If you need a cat litter production line with lower investment, double roller granulation line is your best choice. Because it adopts dry granulation method, which granulate bentonite mixture powder by extrusion force between two rollers instead of water resulting cohesion. In this way, there is no need for drying and cooling to reduce moisture after cat litter granule making. Therefore, you can save money on dryer and cooler buying. In the system of making bentonite cat litter with 10 t/h output, you need 4 sets of roller press granulators.

Pan cat litter granule making with over 93% granulation rate

But, if you pursue a high granulation rate, which means you can convert more bentonite powder into pellets and reduce the returned materials for granulating again. It is advisable to choose our pan granulation machine. Its granulation rate of bentonite cat litter can reach 93%. In addition, the 10 t/h cat litter pellets production only needs two disc pelletizers. Pan granulator adopts wet granulation method, which uses water as binder to facilitate the production of bentonite granules. So, it needs drying and cooling processes later.

Which granule making system can make cat litter from bentonite with 20%-25% moisture?

Then, the Argentina customers asked us which system is more suitable for making cat litter with 20%-25% moisture bentonite material? For this, we recommend you choose the pan granulation system. Because the feeding material moisture requirement of double roller dry granulator is below 10%. Moreover, we especially design professional pray device to control moisture for quality bentonite cat litter making easier. And it is also equipped with cleaning plate for sticking bentonite powder removing, which is greatly beneficial for reducing material waste during granulation.

What is the price of cat litter granule machine ?

What other materials can be used in bentonite cat litter making in Argentina?

The above are details about our communication with the customer about how to make bentonite cat litter in Argentina. In addition, YUSHUNXIN also can provide you with many other bentonite processing plans, such as NPK fertilizer production system, organic fertilizer making with bentonite, etc. Welcome to contact us for your own fertilizer manufacturing business plan at any time.

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