In the Philippines, the government has adopted active support policies to develop the poultry industry. In this process, poultry manure management plays an important role in offering a clean environment for better poultry farming. Here, composting is an excellent solution to the harmlessness of poultry waste. On 16th March 2024, a customer from the Philippines Inquired about how to start poultry manure compost? According to the actual conditions, we recommend a hydraulic windrow compost turner to him.

Philippines customer factory visit for poultry manure compost machine

Poultry manure compost making

  • Country: Philippines
  • Capacity: 850,000 – 2,000,000 kilos
  • Requirements: compost making

  • Solution: Hydraulic windrow compost turner

The following are the specific details of communication in this case

Which is the best machine for 2 million kilos of poultry manure composting?

During communication, the Philippines client told us that today the production of poultry manure (chicken and pig waste) is 850,000 kilos weekly. And later, the goal is to reach 2 million kilos of raw material without external supply from associate farms. So which equipment is suitable for the poultry manure composting project? Here, we can offer you 2 types of compost making systems for your choice.

Economical groove type composting of poultry manure

If you more focus on the price of fertilizer compost machine, we recommend you the groove type compost machine. It has an economical price – only $ 6,500-$20,000. But the machine has a turning width of 2.5-5 m and turning depth of 0.8-2 m. This can fully meet your requirement of 2 million kilos poultry manure waste to compost fertilizer.

Advanced hydraulic windrow compost turning of poultry poop

However, in terms of better aerobic fermentation of poultry manure and equipment service life, our hydraulic windrow compost equipment is the best choice for you. Hydraulic design makes the windrow compostor withstand the more pressure from compost material, so it can compost poultry manure more deeply. Therefore, you can turn poultry poop into compost fertilizer better.

What is the fuel of hydraulic poultry manure compost turner? Electricity or diesel?

Because considering the compost efficacy, the customer from Philippines choose to buy hydraulic windrow compost machine for the poultry manure compot  project. Then the client asked about the fuel of the manure compostor. Electricity or diesel? Both are no problem. There are electricity or diesel types of hydraulic poultry manure compost turners for your choice.

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Is poultry waste needed to process before compost making?

It depends on the conditions of your raw material – poultry manure waste. There are 2 items you need to pay attention to.

Moisture of compost making

For quickly poultry manure composting, it is advisable to keep the moisture content at 40%-60%. But, fresh poultry manure, especially pig waste, usually has a water content of over 60%. So, in order to compost poultry poop effectively, you need to dry raw material before compost turning. Here, you can use a professional dewatering machine. It can reduce the moisture content to 30% in a short time.

Particle size of poultry waste material

In addition, breaking down the poultry manure into smaller particles also can speed up the decomposition. Because, smaller particle size the material, the larger the area exposed to the air, the faster the poultry poop compost making. What equipment is suitable for poultry manure fertilizer crushing? Our new type vertical crusher and semi-wet material grinder. High moisture manure crushing and no blocking.

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The above are details about our communication with the customer about how to start poultry manure composting in the Philippines. Besides, we can also offer you many other plans for poultry manure management. Such as system of poultry manure fertilizer pellet makingpoultry manure drying system, etc.

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