“What is the process of horse manure to organic fertilizer ?”

How to Dispose of Horse Manure into Compost ?

The first step is to collect the horse manure. You should collect your horse manure together for composting. For one thing, manure management is necessary for quality horses rearing. For another, you need to ensure stable material source for organic fertilizer making.

Before starting your horse manure composting, you need to prepare the composting area. Make sure what composting methods do you want to use. Windrow composting or trenching composting? Windrow compost requires a flat concrete surface, while trench composting requires build a groove.

To produce horse compost fertilizer with a balanced nutrient content, you need to add other organic materials to the pile. This can include kitchen waste, such as vegetable and fruit scraps, eggshells, and coffee grounds. You can also add grass clippings, leaves, and other yard waste. Make sure the C/N ratio is between 25:1 and 30:1.

To speed up the composting process, you need to turn the horse manure compost regularly. This helps to aerate the compost – supply oxygen while dissipate excessive heat. Therefore, the harmful substances in horse manure will be killed and beneficial bacteria still act to facilitate compost making. But here, manual turning is not easy, if you want to compost horse manure quickly, we recommend you buy a suitable compost machine.

What Kind of Horse Manure Compost Machine can Shunxin Offer You?

Groove Horse Manure Compost Turner for Horse Manure Recycling

If you want to dispose of horse manure in a small investment, the groove horse manure compost turner is the top choice of your horse farm management. It is a machine which can compost horse waste in the fermentation trench. There is no need people to drive, it can automatic compost by the electrical control panel. This composter can help you turn 300-500 m³ of horse manure piles per hour.

Wheel Type Horse Manure Composting Machine for Commercial Horse Composting Plant

If you have the idea of building an horse manure composting plant, we recommend you our wheel type horse poop composting machine. It is capable of composting large quantities of horse manure quickly and efficiently. It even can meet your requirements of a 30 t/h organic fertilizer plant setup. So whether you want to finish a large scale horse manure management or set up a large scale organic fertilizer making plant, it is the best choice for you.

Moving Type Horse Poop Composter for Horse Manure Fermentation

If you have a horse, then you know that horse manure can pile up quickly. One way to deal with this is to turn it into compost, but the traditional composting process can take a long time, and it can be a challenge to move the pile around. That’s where a moving-type horse poop composter comes in. A moving-type composter is a container that allows you to ferment the horse manure quickly and efficiently. It’s designed to be easily moved around, which makes it ideal for those who have limited space or want to avoid creating a permanent compost pile in their yard.

How to Turn Horse Manure into granular Fertilizer?

Vertical Crusher from SX Processing Fertilize Granulatur plant

Crushing you horse manure compost for finer powder

A compost crusher is a machine with function of crushing your horse manure compost into smaller particles. In this way, you can make horse manure compost into organic fertilizer pellet more smoothly.

Dynamic Batching Machine from SX Poultry Manure Fertilizer Plant

Add extra nutrients using a batching machine

In order to make better horse manure fertilizer, we usually choose to add bio elements, NPK elements, etc to enrich its nutrient content.  In this process, the feeding volume and proportion are essential. But batching machine can finish it easily.

Double Shafts Fertilizer Mixer from SX Mannure Processing Plant

Mixing the various materials  evenly 

To get balanced nutrients in every final horse manure organic fertilizer granule, you need to stir various auxiliary materials with horse manure compost evenly. So a professional fertilizer mixing equipment is needed.

Pan Granulator for Oraginc Fertilizer Pellets

Granulating your horse dung mixture into pellets

When the horse manure is fully prepared, you can granulate the horse litter to require quality horse dung fertilizer. To granulate horse manure into pellets, you will need a pelletizer machine. SX  will  offer you the most suitable granulator according to your requirements.

Manure &Fertilizer Dryer in SX Multi Manure Composting Process Plant

Drying and cooling the horse manure fertilizer granules

Then in order to store for a long time, you need to dry finished horse manure fertilizer pellets. Here, rotary dryer is an ideal choice. Then process dried fertilizer granules with cooler. This is the key to preventing pellets from combustion after contact with oxygen.

Why SX horse manure fertilizer machine is so popular with organic fertilizer manufacturers?

Shunxin is a leading manufacturer and supplier of horse dung composting and pelletizing equipment. Our composting plant and pellet plant have gained immense popularity among horse owners, farmers, and gardeners for their efficiency and quality.

In conclusion, Shunxin horse dung composting plant and pellet plant are some of the most popular options in the market today. Their efficient and easy-to-use equipment has made them a favorite among horse owners, farmers, and gardeners looking for a sustainable and convenient fertilizer option.

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