Manure pelletizer is hot selling equipment that transform animal waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer pellets. This serving as an eco-friendly solution for manure waste management and organic fertilizer making. By converting manure into granules, these pelletizers not only dispose of animal manure waste environmentally and quickly but also enhance its value as a fertilizer for promoting sustainable farming practices. From professional manure fertilizer equipment manufacturer – YUSHUNXIN, they can help you start both small and large scale granulation of cow dung, chicken poop, horse waste, etc. Welcome to contact us for your own manure pellet equipment.

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Top 4 types of manure pelletizers for sale

In order to fully meet your requirement for manure fertilizer pellet making, our engineer especially design various granulators for your choice. You can choose the best one according to your needs.

Economical small scale manure granulation – disc pelletizer

For those who want to start a small scale manure granules making at a economical price, we recommend you buy a disc pelletizer. The machine can fully meet your requirement of 1-6 t/h granulated manure fertilizer production. In addition, the price of a pan manure granulator is only $1,000-$16,000. What’s more, it can be equipped with water spray device. Which precisely controls the moisture of wet manure granulation and helps you make manure powder form into pellet quickly.

Disc manure granulator for sale


Equipment Disc Granulator
Capacity 1-6 T/H
Granulation rate 93%
Feeding misture 20%-40%
Granule size 1-8 mm

Industrial large scale manure to granules – drum granulator

Conversely, for industrial large scale manure pelletizer, rotary drum granulator is the best choice for you. For one thing, with drum body design, it can granulate more manure powder – the maximum output can reach 30 t/h. For another, it uses rubber as lining material and stainless steel as press strips. So, it can withstand the erosion from large scale wet manure disposal and has a longer service life. Moreover, the machine also has clean hole design – only by hit the hole by hammer, it can remove sticking manure material and prevent further corrosion to manure pelletizer.

New type manure pelletizer for sale


Equipment New type fertilizer Granulator
Capacity 1-8 T/H
Granulation rate 95%
Feeding misture 20%-40%
Granule size 2-5 mm

Hard granule production from wet manure – new type pellet equipment

We also design new type pellet equipment for making wet manure into hard organic fertilizer granules. After entering the stirring teeth fertilizer granulation equipment, the manure powder will form into pellets quickly. This mainly relies on the mechanical agitation force from high speed rotating teeth and the resulting aerodynamic force. Then because of closed design and wet granulation method employment, it is also an ideal choice for no dust manure granulation.

Rotary drum granulator for large scale fertilizer pellet production


Equipment Drum Granulator
Capacity 1-30 T/H
Granulation rate 90%
Feeding misture 20%-40%
Granule size 3-6 mm

Dried manure pellet making – roller press granulator

How about dried manure material? How to make dried manure pellet fertilizer? You can buy our double roller press granulator, which is designed to make dried powder into granules. The feeding material moisture is low than 10%. The machine will make fertilizer granules from dried manure by extrusion force between two rollers. You can choose to produce dried manure pellets with 1-10 mm size by use different roller sheets.

Roller granulator for dry powder to fertilizer granule


Equipment Roller Granulator
Capacity 1-3 T/H
Granulation rate 95%
Feeding misture 5%-10%
Granule size 1-10 mm

Get more about manure drying machine!

What are the differences between dry and wet granulation of manure?

As mentioned above, in terms of granulation method, the manure pelleting machines can be divided into two types. Wet manure granulator and dry manure pelletizer. What are differences between them?

Manure wet granulator features

  • Feeding material moisture

    The wet granulators required a feeding moisture of 20% – 40%. Disc, drum and new type, all belong to wet manure granulation equip

  • Working principle

    Wet granulation of manure fertilizer mainly makes use of water as binder to facilitate the compost powder form into granules quickly. So, for quality granulated fertilizer production, you need to dry the manure pellets to at least 10% water content.

  • Final manure fertilizer granules

    In general, the manure pellet produced from wet granulation equipment is more rounded. The final size can from 1 mm to 8 mm. (They cannot be processed by polishing machine)

Manure dry pelletizer features

  • Feeding material moisture

    In the dry granulation of manure fertilizer, the best moisture is 5% – 10%. Besides dual roller granulator , there is also flat die pellet machine for your choice.

  • Working principle

    But, in dry manure granulation process, the physical press force plays an important role. Therefore, if your material is dried manure, you can save the money on purchasing manure dryer and cooler.

  • Final organic fertilizer granules

    Dry granulation manure granules are flat ball or column shapes. But, you can making them more rounded by polishing machine. Usually, the manure pellet size is 1-10 mm.

How much does a manure pellet system cost?

The price of manure pelletizer is also an important item you must focus on. As professional manure management machine manufacturer, we can offer you customized manure pellet making plan according to your budget.

Over $100,000 investment granulated manure fertilizer production line design

When your budget for manure pelleting machines is higher than $100,000, we recommend you buy the complete system. It consists of compost turner, batching machine, crusher, mixer, manure pelletizer, screener, dryer, cooler, coating machine and packing system.

  • They can help you turn fresh manure waste into quality organic fertilizer pellet quickly and easily.

  • The produced manure granules have characteristics of harmless, rich and balance nutrient, easy transport, long storage time, etc.

  • They can help you make more profits from manure waste management.

$20,000-$100,000 cost of manure pellet making system layout

With $20,000-$100,000 cost, we also design suitable solutions for manure fertilizer granule manufacturing. The simplest design is compost turner+ crusher + granulator + packing machine. They can help you finish the basic processes of making granules from manure material.

  • The compost turner accelerates the manure composting process, making manure waste harmless.

  • Crusher breaks down manure compost caking into fine powder for fast granulation.

  • Granulator is to turn manure compost powder into granules, within 1-10 mm size freely.

  • Packing equipment is used to bag granulated manure fertilizer pellets for easier transport, storage, and use.

If you also have any other requirement for manure fertilizer granule making and manure pelletizer, welcome to send us your details by contact form. We will offer customized manure waste management plans according to your material, capacity, budget, area, etc.

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