Manure dehydrator machine plays an important role in manure waste management. As the name suggests, it can remove excessive water from manure waste quickly. So, you can dry manure and make high quality organic fertilizer easier. In order to fully meet your requirements for animal manure waste disposal, we design 2 types of manure dewatering machines for your choice. Whether you want to process cow dung, chicken manure or pig waste, you can get the best solutions. And the price of manure dehydrator is economical.

manure dehydrator machine

  • Capacity: 10-50 m³/h
  • Feeding moisture: over 50%

  • Dishcharging moisture: 30%
  • Core Components: PLC, Engine, Bearing, Motor, Pump

  • Application: Cow dung/ chicken poop/ pig waste/ horse manure management

How to remove water from animal manure waste?

In general, you can remove excessive water from manure waste in two ways: Adding dry organic materials and using manure solid liquid separator.

Adding dry organic materials  – low cost and no pollution

If you want to dry manure in a small scale and at a low cost, it is advisable to add some dry organic materials. Such as straw, sawdust, rice hulls, leaves and branches, etc. Laying the low moisture material under the fecal waste as an absorbent layer, or mix them directly. These dry materials have characteristics of low cost and excellent water absorption. So, there is no manure water waste discharging.

Using manure solid liquid separator – faster and large output

However, when you plan to make commercial organic fertilizer from manure waste, especially in a large scale, it needs a fast manure dewatering method. Therefore, we recommend you buy manure dehydrator machines. The machine can dispose of 10-50 m³/h manure waste per hour. In addition, the dried manure water content is only 30%.

Top 2 manure dehydrator machines used in organic fertilizer making?

For industrial manure to fertilizer project, there are two types of manure dehydrator machines for your choice.

Poultry manure dehydrator machine

When you want to dispose of poultry manure and make organic fertilizer, screw type manure dewatering equipment is an ideal choice. Because the moisture of poultry poop is usually lower than 80%. Under the action of extrusion between screw pusher and screen, you can reduce the poultry manure water content to 30% quickly and easily. Here, we can offer you manure dewatering screen of 0.3-0.5 mm holes according to your needs.

Cow dung manure solid-liquid separator

But, if you want to dewater fresh cow dung, which has a moisture content of over 80%. We especially design manure inclined-screen solid-liquid separator for you. This machine will separate solid manure from the liquid simply before processing with screw pressing part. So, it can remove excessive water from the high moisture cow dung in a short time.

How does the press machine work to remove water from digester manure slurry?

Generally, to dispose of farm manure waste with dewatering machine, you need to do 3 steps:

  • 1

    Feeding manure material: After collecting manure waste, installing a water pump in cesspool. In this way, mixture of solid manure and liquid will enter into the manure dehydrator machine.

  • 2

    Dewatering manure waste: With the machine working, screw will move to press the manure waste. Because of screen extrusion, excessive water will be separated easily.

  • 3

    Discharging dried manure: Finally, dewatered manure waste will be discharged from the outlet of screw pressing part. At that time, you can get manure material with a moisture of 30%-40%.

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How much does a manure separator cost?

In general, the cost of manure dewatering machine will charging between $1,500 and $5,000. Because of the differences in capacity, equipment types, machine material (carbon steel or stainless steel) and so on. The smaller the capacity, the lower the capacity; the larger the capacity, the higher the price. In addition, if you need a more precise quote for manure dehydrator equipment you need, welcome to contact us immediately.

Screw Dehydrator

  • 10-30 m³/h

Inclined Screen Separator

  • 15-50 m³/h

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What is the best water content for manure fertilizer production?

When you make manure into organic fertilizer, it is advisable to decrease the moisture content to 40%-60% before composting. For one thing, lower than 45% moisture cannot support microorganisms work to decompose manure waste and turn it into compost fertilizer. For another, over 60% water content will block the oxygen transport channels. Then the microorganisms also don’t have enough activity to finish the manure aerobic fermentation (the harmless process of organic waste).

Can I dry manure fertilizer to 10% water content?

If you want to further dry manure, you can add a rotary dryer after dewatering. It will inject hot air with a 300℃ temperature to dry dewatered manure material. In this process, the temperature of material will rise to 45-60 ℃, which can dry your manure and fertilizer to below 10% moisture quickly. Moreover, a rotary dryer can fully meet your requirements of 1-20 t/h manure and fertilizer processing. What’s more, you can choose to use gas, oil or biomass pellets as drying fuel freely.

Is there a video of manure animal waste solid liquid separator operation?

YUSHUNXIIN manure fertilizer machine manufacturer

The answer is yes. There are various pictures and videos of manure dehydrator machine for you. Including how to operate the manure dewatering unit? How does the machine work? What is the design of manure dewatering equipment? Etc. In addition, welcome to visit our dehydrator manifacturing workshop in Xingyang city, Zhengzhou city, Henan province, china.

Besides, as a reliable manure fertilizer equipment manufacturer, there are also many other equipment for manure waste management. Such as manure composting equipment, fertilizer granulation machine, manure crusher, packaging scale, etc. You can contact us at any time for the manure fertilizer machine you need.

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