Starting Your Poultry Manure Pelleting Business!

How Do You Start Your Own Poultry Manure Business?

This is a thing to consider. Before you start your manure business, you should make a market research. Learn about your local fertilizer production and figure out how many competitors you have.

Then you should identify your raw material sources. If you have a poultry manure farm, you can directly using them. Poultry manure is an easy waste to collect, you can easily get them from local farmers.

Next, starting your poultry manure composting! During composting time, pay attention to the moisture, temperature, oxygen, and turn times. Having a composting turner is best. If you want to turn by yourself without any equipment, the composting result may be not ideal. Click here for get more about SX composting machine.

After the composting stage, you can prepare the poultry litter fertilizer production stage. Not like previous steps, granulating step only using poultry manure fertilizer machine can automatically granulate. But if you want get high quality pellet of poultry manure, you should buy a complete poultry manure pellet machine.

How Do You Make Poultry Manure Fertilizer?

How Do You Control the Granules Size?

The successful granulating rate can be 93%, according to your 1-5mm granules requirements. When u regulated suitable material moisture.

Cannot, granules moisture content is about 20% after granulated. You can using rotary drum dryer to reduce granules moisture content below 10%.

New Type Organic Fertilizer Machine For Poultry Manure Granulation

Large Scale Poultry Litter Pelletizing Plant

What is The Price of Poultry Manure Fertilizer Machine?

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