In the process of manure to fertilizer, mixing equipment plays an important role. Especially when you use various materials to make organic fertilizer. As a professional fertilizer manufacturer, SX has various manure mixers for your choice. Whether you want to start organic fertilizer making in a small scale or large scale, using materials of cattle manure, chicken manure or pig manure, they can fully meet your needs. Even if you need a blender for your NPK fertilizer making, they also are excellent choices. If you are interested in the machine, welcome to contact us for your own manure mixer.

Why do you need a manure mixer in fertilizer production?

For high quality organic fertilizer production, only using manure as material is not enough. We usually need to add some other materials. For example, adding dry agriculture waste like straw, corn cobs, rice husk, etc for moisture content adjustment and C/N ratio regulation. Feeding NPK powder, trace elements like calcium, iron, manganese, etc for nutrient content improvement. Or putting bentonite, etc for more smooth poultry manure fertilizer pellets preparation.

But to bring them into full play to produce manure fertilizer with uniform nutrients, you must mix various materials with manure compost evenly. Here, manual mixing is not advisable. Because it will take a long time and cannot blend organic materials evenly. SX can provide you with a professional manure mixer, which can help you produce uniform fertilizer mixture quickly.

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What blending machines can you use in manure fertilizer production?

In order to fully meet your requirements for manure fertilizer production, we design various manure blending machines for your choice. You can choose the most suitable one according to your actual conditions.

Economical manure mixer

If you need an economical machine for your manure compost mixing system, we recommend you buy a horizontal mixer or disc mixer. Because whether you want to start manure materials blending in a small or large scale, they both can meet your needs. In addition, they also have a favourable price.

Manure horizontal mixer

In general, we can provide you with three models of horizontal manure mixers. SXWJ-7015, SXWJ-9015 and SXWJ-1630. Their capacities are 2-3 t/h, 3-5 t/h and 10-15 t/h respectively. And SXWJ-1630 is the largest output manure blending equipment in SX. You can buy it for your large scale cow manure fertilizer manufacturing system. Moreover, no matter the shape, size and density of your manure material, it can finish the fast and soft mixing uniform effect.

Disc manure compost blender

Disc blender is a kind of vertical manure fertilizer mixer. Compared with horizontal manure blending machine, it has a less area occupation, wider output range and more economical price. From mixing output of 1 t/h to 12 t/h, it can offer you a suitable model. In addition, because of vertical design, it feeds manure compost from top and discharges from the bottom. So the largest capacity pan mixer only needs a space of 3000×3000×2000 mm. How much does a disc blender cost? Only $ 1,500-$ 10,000. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for a low cost chicken manure disposal system.

Manure mixer for continuous fertilizer blending

But for industrial and commercial manure management plans, single shaft horizontal mixer and double shafts horizontal blender are better options for you. They can mix various manure powder with other materials continuously. They are greatly beneficial for finishing fertilizer making faster and more effectively.

As the name suggests, the main difference between the two manure mixing machines is blade design. It is shown on not only mixing shaft number but also the blade shape. Single shaft horizontal blender mainly relies on a group of double helical ribbon type blade to stir materials uniform. While double shafts horizontal blender process manure by two shafts with opposite rotating. On every mixing shaft, there are many small blades spirally distributed. It can complete manure fertilizer powdery materials mixing quickly. And it is the most commonly used manure mixer in fertilizer production process.

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Can the manure mixer be used in NPK fertilizer production?

From the above introduction, we can know that the above fertilizer mixing equipment is suitable for manure powdery compost blending. Then can we use them to prepare NPK fertilizer? Of course. Our manure mixing machine has high adaptability and wide application. Besides the dispose of chicken manure, pig farm waste, etc, it also can mix various powdery chemical materials. Such as urea, SSP, DAP, MOP, SOP, etc.

Is there a suitable fertilizer mixing machine for fertilizer granules blending?

Besides manure powder and NPK powder mixing, sometimes, you also need to blend fertilizer pellets. Especially when you plan to make bulk blending fertilizer. And in this process, a suitable fertilizer blender is the key to preparing quality fertilizer. Then which equipment can mix granule materials effectively? For this, you can buy a BB fertilizer mixer or a drum type BB fertilizer mixing equipment.

BB fertilizer mixer for small scale granule blending

The former is suitable for small scale fertilizer granules blending. It has special internal screw mechanism and unique three-dimensional structure, which can mix 1-10 tons of fertilizer granules per hour. In addition, it utilizes the forward and reverse rotation to finish material blending and discharging.

Drum type BB fertilizer mixer for large scale pellets blending

Then, how to finish the fertilizer pellets blending of over 10 t/h? Here, SX drum type BB fertilizer mixer is your best option. Its capacity is 20-40 t/h, which is far more than other fertilizer mixing machines. In addition, this machine can also process fertilizer continuously. And if you need, we can equip it with an erosion-resistance lining according to your requirements. Therefore it is an ideal choice for large scale fertilizer pellets mixing.

As a reliable fertilizer equipment manufacturer, besides manure mixing equipment, SX also can offer you many other machines for manure disposal. Such as manure dewatering machine, poultry manure crusher, cow dung dryer, etc. Welcome to contact us and tell us your requirements immediately. We will provide you with a most suitable manure management plan.

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