What is the Importance of Poultry Waste Disposal System in Poultry Farm?

Poultry farm waste disposal is an important part in the management of poultry farm. If not handled properly, will produce a lot of manure pollution. At the same time, it also can affect the health of your poultry growth. As the development of poultry industry, waste management in poultry farm is facing challenges around the world. Here, you need a better poultry waste disposal system.

In general, poultry litter is the by-product of poultry industry, it not just waste. As we all know, poultry manure contains nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, the nutrients necessary for plant growth. Using as the organic fertilizer is a profitable recycling way of your poultry manure. For most poultry farmers, they always pile their manure casually. But in fact this will result in the nutrients loss of poultry manure when piled a long time. Here, SX can provide you with suitable poultry manure fertilizer machines to set up a effective management system.

How do You Dispose Your Poultry Farm Waste?

Effective methods to dispose your poultry manure is important. The best methods for poultry waste disposal system is making your poultry manure into organic fertilizer. As an organic fertilizer manufacturer, we have different fertilizer making solutions to poultry manure process.

Full Organic Fertilizer Production Line for Poultry Waste Disposal System

A full organic fertilizer production line of your poultry waste disposal includes composting and granulating. In this process, it mainly includes the following steps:

Screening out finished granules and unqualified granules. Unqualified granules are re-entered into the granulator by the conveyor belt for granulation. It can improve the purity of your poultry waste fertilizer.

Making the particles smoother and rounder. It mainly used organic fertilizer polishing machine.

Making a certain weight of bagged pellets. It is the last step of poultry waste disposal system, but an indispensable step.

The mixer is used to mix the batching materials evenly, including a single-shaft mixer or a double-shaft mixer or a horizontal mixer.

Using wet granulation to make powder into granules. Consists of pan granulator, new type organic fertilizer granulator, or rotary drum granulator.

Reducing the moisture content of the finished pellets to less than 10%. It can make your poultry pellets to easily store and sale quickly.

Effective Waste Management Strategies For Poultry Processing Industry

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