How to Recycle and Compost Your Chicken Manure?

Dynamic Trench Composting for Your Chicken Farms

This composting machines adopt a trench composting way. During composting, fermentation trench building is necessary. According to your capacity, you can choose one trench or several trenches. For different outputs, we designed two types of compost turners: the groove type compost turner and the wheel type compost turner. The groove type compost turner can use in small or large chicken farms. Conversely, the wheel type compost turner is more suitable for large chicken farm waste processing.

Dynamic Windrow Compost Turner for Chicken Manure Recycling

Static Organic Fertilizer Fermentation Tank for Your Manure in All Seasons Composting

How to Make Chicken Manure into Powder Organic Fertilizer?

How to Turn Your Chicken Manure Into Organic Fertilizer Granules?

The chicken manure granular organic fertilizer is the popular fertilizer forms. Because granular fertilizer is more easy to store. But the process is more complex than powder. On the basis of chicken manure powder production, it needs more finer chicken waste processing machines to deep process.

What is the Price of the Chicken Manure Processing Machine?

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