Chicken manure composting is usually indispensable for chicken poop management. Because it is the key to kill pathogens, pest eggs and grass seed in manure waste. For fast making compost from broiler manure, suitable compost machine is essential. Here, SX can offer you various solutions according to your needs. For example, windrow compost turner, which can help you finish the aerobic fermentation from small to large scale. Then for larger scale, there is also wheel type composter. Finally, our fermentation tank even can compost chicken dung in winter quickly. Then combining with dehydrator, and crusher, the production of compost only needs 10-20 days.

Why we need to compost chicken manure?

Top 3 solutions for chicken manure composting machine purchasing

For quality chicken manure compost fertilizer making, suitable compost turner buying is important. It can help you make broiler manure into compost within 10-20 days. In SX, there are various chicken manure composting machines for your choice.

Can we start chicken poop composting on the ground directly?

Is there chicken manure composting machine can ferment manure all the year?

How to compost broiler manure in a large scale?

How to further speed up the chicken poop composting process?

If you want to compost broiler waste quickly, besides chicken manure compost machine, there are some other equipment that are helpful for you. Such as dewatering machine and crusher.

Why are there so many fertilizer manufacturers buy our chicken manure composting machine?

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